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Tuesday, May 18, 2021
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Just a perfect day!

What about the wedding flowers?

Choosing flowers for your wedding (if you are having flowers) is a big deal and it's crucial to get them right. Doing them yourself,...

What about those wedding shoes?

There are shoe shops and then there are shoe shops. Irregular Choice falls into the latter of those two categories. Their shop in Brighton...

What about the wedding rings?

W. Bruford jewellers are celebrating their 132 year anniversary this year so we popped along to speak to them to find out what the...

What about the wedding stationery?

The wedding invitations, table country names and name place cards were all ordered through JumpFox invites. They run an eBay shop with loads of designs to...

What about the wedding ceremony songs?

Choosing the right songs for your wedding is no easy decision. Do you go with modern songs, songs that nobody will remember in a...

The Stag Weekend

Stag do's are a celebration of the groom to be and are a place for humiliation and drinking. The stag party members are expected...

What about the table plan?

Some weddings can feel a little bit like a template, especially if you are going for the stress free approach and have got suppliers...