Some weddings can feel a little bit like a template, especially if you are going for the stress free approach and have got suppliers in to do the heavy lifting with things like the decorations, table layouts and flowers. If you are wanting to add some personal touches to your wedding one option would be to design the table plan yourself. With a table plan you can be quite creative, as long it shows your guests where they are sitting then anything goes.

If you have frequented a few wedding fairs in the build up to your wedding then you may have seen a few ideas already, but here is a table plan idea you may not have thought of. Assuming you are having flowers at your wedding, why not make a flower box table plan. It will take a little effort, but it’ll be worth it.

The first thing to do is find the right box. We managed to find a a few different types of boxes just lying around in the street, outside shops and were lucky enough to find a flower crate that was in pretty good shape. It had a few scribbles and marker pen drawings on a couple of sides, but nothing a bit of sand paper and a bit of elbow grease would not get rid of. Alternatively you could buy one, but the ones we found online, were pretty expensive. Visiting your local greengrocer or farm shop is also an option.

In the picture above you see a pot of danish oil which we tried out on a small area of the crate, but it wasn’t dark enough, so we ended up going to B&Q and buying a pot of wood stain.

Giving it a couple of coats gave the wood a much darker colour.

You can use real flowers for your box, but we decided to use fake ones. We went to a few shops and hand picked the flowers we wanted. We also got a few blocks of floral foam so we could push the flowers into place.

Floral foam blocks to hold the flowers in place.

We used a temporary cardboard box to get a an idea of what it would look like and to arrange to experiment with the arrangement of the flowers and the displaying of names.

Experimenting with flower arrangements and name cards was great fun.

Once we were confident that we had everything we needed we transferred the flowers into the now, wood stained flower box.

The flower crate being populated with flowers.
Flower crate populated with stems.

The wooden names on the front of the crate came from ebay. There are a few buying options from a few suppliers which will make the names for you. They were fairly inexpensive too at around £3.00 per name.

After a bit more fiddling and arranging, we printed out the name cards in ASDA, at one of their photo printing stations. Below is the table plan, in its place at the wedding.

The final version of the custom made flower crate table plan.