It is not easy deciding where to go on your honeymoon. With so many romantic and exotic destinations on offer, which one to choose can be difficult. What time of the year you get married could whittle the list down a little but even then the list can be some way off from being ‘small’. Your honeymoon isn’t just another holiday either, oh no. It’s your honeymoon and will be the destination you look back to when all of those wedding anniversaries come along.

Our advice is to hit the wedding fairs and seek out some of the honeymoon planners. Our personal favourite goes by the name of Daniel Ori who works for Not Just Travel. We met up with him at a wedding fair and we spoke with him about a recent honeymoon he had arranged for a couple who were getting married on 25th May 2019.

The couple didn’t have a clue where they wanted to go so Daniel offered to help them out. With nothing to lose they decided to meet up with Daniel to see what he could do for them. Daniel met them in a local hotel and over tea, he asked the pair a few questions about the type of honeymoon they were looking for, whether that be an adventure holiday or a relaxing beach holiday and of course how much they wanted to spend. A few days later Daniel popped round to see them at their home with a few suggestions.

The first was a holiday to Greece, but the pair had already been to Greece. The second was a honeymoon to Italy, down to the very beautiful Amalfi Coast. Unfortunately for Daniel the pair had recently been there too, what rotten luck. The third and final suggestion was the tropical island of Mauritius. Whilst looking through the brochure you could see the bride to be eyes light up and that was that.

Daniel has a good relationship with the Beachcomber hotel chain which has a few luxury hotels on the island and set about getting them the best deal. A few days later a quote came through. Not only had Daniel got them a discount on the list price for a two-week stay at the Cannonier Resort and Spa, Mauritius but also a free room upgrade and had thrown in a couple of airport lounge passes too. Needless to say, the pair were delighted and booked a few hours later.

Once they returned Daniel gave them a quick call to see how it all went. The now newlyweds were absolutely delighted with their honeymoon and said that the island and the hotel were perfect. As you can imagine, they did take a few snaps whilst they were out there.

If you find yourself in the same position one day with your honeymoon destination or any other getaway you may be considering you lose nothing by asking someone like Daniel to give you a helping hand. You never know you may be surprised what they come up with.