Wedding cakes are not like other cakes, they are ten times the price (as with most things prefixed by the word “wedding”) and are a special, one off cake. Some are extravagant, multi-tiered behemoths decorated with all types of things. Its quite easy to take things too far, but it’s a wedding right and anything goes.

We were at a wedding recently (you may of heard about it, it was the celebrity wedding of the year 2019 and anyone, who is anyone, was in attendance) where the cake on display looked so fantastic, so elegant, that we simply stood there staring at it for a while basking it its majesty.

We quizzed a few of the wedding guests about the cake and found out some interesting things about it.

The cake was not shop bought but made especially for the happy couple. Every detail had been discussed, the cake flavors (chocolate orange, Victoria sponge, lemon drizzle, fruit and carrot) apparently had to be taste approved, to ensure they were just right. Miniature cup cakes had been made and delivered to the couple for approval. Can you believe that?

Not only that but the way in which the cake was to be displayed at the wedding was also discussed in great length with the supplier and a bespoke cake display made to order. Bits of log cut to order, all at specific thicknesses. Can you believe that?

And to top it off, the person supplying the flowers, was also asked to supply an arrangement to decorate it so it did not look out of place and looked the part on the wedding day. Can you believe that?

The person who put this cake together and did all the hard work was none other than the grooms auntie, who we found out has a bit of a reputation in making amazing cakes. This auntie (we forget her name) said that she wanted to make it as a wedding gift for them as her contribution to the wedding day. Can you.. believe that?

The proof, is indeed in the pudding and the cake looked incredible on the day, hand decorated by its creator. The cakes themselves went down a treat and did not last long at all after being cut. What an amazing gift to have on your wedding day and what a memory to take away with you. I bet everyone wishes they had an auntie as amazing as her. Just wow!