Choosing the right songs for your wedding is no easy decision. Do you go with modern songs, songs that nobody will remember in a few years time or classics, songs that have stood the test of time and will be around forever?

The reception part is easy, get a decent DJ but for the ceremony, you have to be more specific. For most wedding ceremonies you have a few decisions to make;

  • Which song(s) you would like to play whilst people are taking their seats for the ceremony.
  • Which song the bride will walk down the aisle to.
  • Which song(s) you would like playing whilst the happy couple exit the ceremony (and have all manner of confetti thrown over them). 

The next decision is, what or who will play these songs. Its easy enough to get a Bluetooth speaker and an iPhone or you could go all out and have something like a rock band. Either way its the songs that matter.

At the most recent wedding we attended (our wedding of the year 2019) the bride and groom had a good friend that was in a string quartet. Whilst the guests were taking their seats they were playing a few classical compositions from the usual suspects Bach, Mozart, Chopin, Beethoven and the like. This was really relaxing and set the tone of the wedding, which was set in a lovely country hotel in the heart of East Sussex.

When it came to the moment where the bride arrived they played that absolute classic Wedding March by Mendelssohn.

To finish off the ceremony they had a bit of fun and played It Must Be Love, by Madness. Which was a reference to the evening out they had in Brighton with the father of the bride, where they saw the band live and did a bit of silly dancing.

It is these songs that when you hear them being played on the radio or you hear them on an advert on the TV will remind you of your wonderful wedding day and of the lovely friends and family that shared that day with you.