Choosing flowers for your wedding (if you are having flowers) is a big deal and it’s crucial to get them right. Doing them yourself, you have complete control but at the cost of having to do all the work. Picking a good florist, getting the right price, picking which flower combinations, colours (and there are hundreds), and arrangements, there is a lot to do. If you have the time and the will then great, but if you don’t have the time or you would like to pass this over to a company for convenience, selecting the wrong company could lead to a disaster. Here at our newsroom headquarters, we receive a lot of letters and emails (around 20,000 a month can you believe!) which are mostly from people have a jolly good moan about something or other. However, an email landed in our inbox the other day which was couldn’t have been more complimentary. It was from a couple that was planning their wedding and the experience they had with a florist, just down the road from where they were getting married.

Dear Bashington Post,

We are regular readers of your online rag and we wanted to tell you (and your followers) about our amazing wedding florist. Her name is Cara and she runs a company called The Enchanted Flower based in East Sussex. We heard about Cara through a friend and we booked a consultation that very same week. You can tell immediately that Cara has a passion for what she does and was very professional. Our consultation started with a few questions about the types of flowers we wanted, our flower likes and dislikes and about our wedding (where the wedding was, what theme the wedding was going to have and what kind of arrangements we were looking for). We then spoke about the types of flower options, bouquet and buttonhole designs and what types of flowers would be available at that time of year. The consultation took about 2 hours and we came away feeling very much more relaxed than when we had started.

A few days later we received a quote from Cara detailing every aspect of the consultation and it was pretty much there and then that we decided. It was Cara that we wanted to do our wedding flowers.

We decided to go with locally grown flowers in the end, as Cara has her own flower farm which we visited almost exactly a year before the wedding day, just to get a feel of the types of flowers we could expect that time of year. Cara showed us around and talked about the flowers that she was growing and then allowed us to wander around whilst she picked a few for us. The flowers were absolutely lovely, most of which we had never seen before.

It was such a refreshing experience to have such a personal service that we thought it a bit selfish if we kept this little gem to ourselves. So if you wouldn’t mind letting all your readers know about Cara and her flower farm, we would really appreciate it.

Many thanks

A Mr & Mrs To Be.

Well, there it is folks. So if you are looking for a great florist, with a personal touch who is very knowledgeable about their trade, you have an option, and it looks to be a really good one.