W. Bruford jewellers are celebrating their 132 year anniversary this year so we popped along to speak to them to find out what the secret to their success has been over the years. The managing director was away on his holidays when we arrived but we managed to grab a few minutes with Sheila, a product manager at the company.

‘Our longevity is not only down to our prices or the brands that we sell but for us its all about customer service. We offer a very personal service here, in a relaxed environment with our main focus to make our customers feel very welcome. We had a couple come in today looking for wedding rings for their wedding next year.

We started off by asking the couple if they knew what size they would like,  the bride was already wearing an engagement ring but the groom needed to be sized up. It was then down to the shape of the rings and the type of metal that the couple wanted. We spent some time trying on different shaped rings until we had whittled down the options to just a few.

Once the couple had made their final decision and were happy with their rings we popped open the champagne to celebrate with them (even though it was only 10 am)’.

We can tell from speaking to Sheila that this company takes a lot of pride in their customer service and judging by the smile on this bride to be’s face it looks like they have it spot on.