Has it really been two years since he popped the question? Yes, yes it has! Exactly two years to the day that these two announced their engagement. We got back in touch with these love birds and asked them what the last two years had been like and how the wedding plans are coming along as its not long now until their big wedding day.

We can still remember the day when we hiked up the mountain outside Tromso on 7th of February 2017. It was half two in the afternoon, the sun was just coming up over the mountain tops and it was freezing cold. The engagement ring was sparkling in the sun and our hands were trembling. It feels like only the other day for us, the memory is so fresh in our minds and yes, it wont be long until the wedding day. Having had a couple of years to plan the wedding its been mostly stress free. We have had a lot of help from our families too with some important things like the wedding cake, wedding dress, photography and confetti boxes all taken care of. Its been wonderful to have people offer to help us and its been great for us to be able to make people feel a part of the wedding. There are still a few secrets that only we know about which have been quite difficult to keep, but we have managed it so far.

So now its just a case of getting the final bits done, crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s as they say and of course paying the suppliers and the hotel. I think we would have found it a lot more stressful if we hadn’t given ourselves so much time between getting engaged and the wedding day itself. The one thing you have no control of is the weather so everyone, cross your fingers and pray for no rain on the day. But whatever happens we will see you all on Saturday 25th May. Can’t wait!