Swingers takes crazy golf from the 1920’s British seaside, Tanqueray infused plus-fours, adds London’s best street food, banging beats and sticks it in central London.

If it’s mini golf you’re into and you like doing it whilst drinking alcohol then this is the place for you. It can be found just around the corner from Oxford Circus in the West End of old London town. We ended up in here at around midday on a Sunday, can you believe after going to see Cinderella at the Gillian Lynne theatre the night before.

Once in, you are straight to the bar where there plenty of pre tee-off drinks available before kick-off. So its’ porn-star Martinis and a pint of ale to start before making our way to the first hole.

There are two nine hole courses to choose from, one with a Big Wheel at the end and one with a big Helter-skelter. The holes are well laid out and there is plenty of banter between different groups, the whole thing was a right laugh.

Once on the course there are waitresses on hand to take orders for more drinks, which you can take around the course with you. There are ‘course only’ cocktails and drinks available too, so keep an eye out for them.

It took us around an hour to get round and the scorecard at the end, was 29/29. A draw. The staff noticed this an let us play a hole for free (and gave us a few shots).. which determined the winner.

Tee-off was at 12:30pm and we left at around 3pm after doing the front nine and having a bite to eat after.