Andrew Lloyd Webber’s highly anticipated Cinderella, a complete reinvention of the classic fairytale, is based on an original idea by Emmy Award nominated Emerald Fennell (Killing Eve), with a brand new score from the legendary composer and lyrics by David Zippel.

Andrew Lloyd Webber said: “I have long wanted to write my own version of Cinderella but could never find a take on the classic story that really grabbed me.  Emerald Fennell has written something truly exciting and original, and the moment I read her outline I knew I’d found my latest collaborator.  I’m very pleased to be working with David Zippel, a hugely witty lyricist, once again.

First lets start by saying that the show is excellent. Everyone plays their part and they play it really well. It has the right balance of musical, comedy, tragedy, romance and a few surprises. The theatre itself if really nice, it has a revolving stage which takes it to another level. The sound and lighting was nice and balanced too.

It being a Webber the score was great and the songs sung beautifully by everyone. Overall its a blast and a must see if you are up that way and you like ‘going to the theatre’ (darling!)