Following up from their honeymoon to Mauritius (and having smuggled back way more than the permitted quota of rum from the island), the wedding celebrations continue with an impromptu pop-up cocktail bar.

It does seem a little strange as the pair are not big on drinking rum, in fact, they are not very good at drinking anything at all. The bar itself was very nice, a gazebo with a glass-topped bar attached complete with shelves. The bar had shelving stocked up with coke, lemonade, fruit juice and sliced lemon and limes. It even had a rack for the cocktail glasses (which were actually plastic) and an ice bucket which was filled with crushed ice. There was music blasting from a Bluetooth speaker, lights and decorations too.

There were four cocktails on offer, most of which were inspired by their honeymoon.

  • Pina Colada (coconut milk with pineapple juice and white rum)
  • Dodo (Passionfruit juice, mango juice with lemonade and dark rum)
  • Mojito (Soda water, fresh mint leaves with sugar and white rum)
  • Mysterious Girl (Coke, lime juice and spiced rum)
    • This one was made up and when anyone ordered one the music would be switched to the Peter Andre track of the same name.

All the guests were encouraged to bring along a BBQ too to help soak up the cocktails and of course they could, if they wanted to, bring their own drinks.

It was a bit touch and go with the weather on the day but it cleared up around lunchtime, just in time for the 2 pm start with the celebrations going on until dusk.