Mauritius, sits in the Indian ocean around 1200 miles off the south coast of Africa. The capital is Port Louis and is bustling little city comprised of a modern waterfront area with some gritty back street markets. Colonised by the Dutch in 1598, control of the island was handed to the French in 1710 and then ceded to the UK in 1814 by way of the Treaty of Paris.

The people of Mauritius are multi ethnic, multicultural and multilingual. As is the food with influences of India, France and Africa.

The island itself is beautiful, surrounded by coral reefs the waves from the Indian ocean break off the coast with the beaches being lapped by shallow, warm waters. Sugar cane is everywhere and is put to good use not only for the very drinkable local rum but the cane is also used to provide electricity to the island.

A popular honey moon destination for newlyweds the coast is dotted with luxury hotels with the most exclusive being in the north west where the winds are warmer and of course the best sunsets can be seen.

Everywhere you look is a picture postcard. We have been sent some pictures by a couple who have recently spent their honeymoon on the island.