Norway is without a doubt the coldest place that we have ever been to. The thermometers on our back packs only registered a positive when we were inside a building, like a hotel or a cafĂ©. When we were out and about the temperature was always below freezing. In the day around Tromso it was around -5 and when we were out exploring the lowest recorded temperature -16. This was recorded first thing in the morning. Temperatures at night were about -10 in the city and around -12 further out.

We were extremely lucky with the weather whilst we were in Norway, clear conditions meant that there was not a cloud in sight and the blue skies complimented the thick white snow creating the perfect picture (even on a smart phone!) The views are breathtaking, regardless of whether you are at the top of a mountain or in a supermarket car park at the side of the road.

Below are some of the pictures we took whilst visiting this beautiful country.