Here we have some never seen before pictures of my number one nephew. These date back to the real early days.

From the very beginning (after the boring bag of skin phase) you can see he starts to come round and shows us how happy he is to be part of our family. Having a really bossy brilliant big sister to look up to, a patient and caring mum to look after him and a dad, it comes as no surprise that he’s a happy little chappy.

If you are feeling down and need a laugh, there is at least one picture in this collection that can switch that frown upside down. I’m sure it wont be long until his fluffy demeanour will be forgotten and he will, like all boys do, turn into a little shit for a while but with this gallery now published you can always look back to when he was a lovely little baby.

Here at the Bashington Post,  we’re keeping a close eye on him.