An all inclusive holiday to Turkey is an incredible experience. Staying in a hotel that has absolutely everything you want, you might think is a bit boring, but it is exactly what these two travellers were looking for.

The temperature most days topped 35 degrees in September so having a really big swimming pool is a must and each hotel along the Lara Beach coastline has a big one (or 5). The Bali Lara has five or six swimming pools, some with slides and water fountains, a couple with nets and goals and some . There are adult only pools, kids pools, party pools and indoor pools. A pool for every occasion you could say.

The variety offered by the hotels are astonishing, the food was no different at the Bali Lara. All the  meals of the day were a feast. For breakfast there was what seemed an unlimited choice of options. From cereals and bread, to fish and omelettes, fresh fruit, a selection of meats and cheese, racks of honeycomb and while all this is going on inside, outside there is a team of chefs at a barbecue flipping all manner of meaty delights. Dinner was the same, but with a different theme. Rice dishes, fish dishes, soups, casseroles, pasta and cakes…lots of cakes an baklava. There were also specialist restaurants available to book. An Italian, a Chinese and a Turkish restaurant where you would have your own waiter to take care of you. These were chargeable, with your first visit being free. These restaurants served dishes selected from a menu, but were not much different from the food that was being served in the food halls and are not really worth the money.

All the hotels lead to their own private beach with sunbeds and parasols a plenty. The beach is sandy and goes on for as far as the eye can see. The Bali Lara also has a pier with private rentable chalets. There are also water sports available to hire if you like.

Out of the hotel and along the strip toward the city of Antalya you are met with what seems like a never ending line of shops all selling knock off branded clothing. All your named brands are here, as most of the big companies manufacture their goods in Turkey and export around the world, so is it fake? You decide. Overall the experience can be pleasant but it doesn’t take too long for you to get tired  of people asking you to come into their shop and haggle for their goods.

There really is something for everyone on holidays like these.