On a chilly January afternoon it was off to the Amex stadium for our first football match together, Brighton v Newcastle in the FA Cup. We arrived in god time and hit the bar for a few pre match warmers and to ‘paint up’. It was bitterly cold in the stadium so it was crucial that we got the right amount of alcohol into the blood stream, to stop us from freezing.  The match was good as were the home fans. The good thing about being a visitor to any football match is that the songs are not too difficult to pick up and it was not long before we were singing along with the Brighton and Hove Albion fans and naturally hurling insults at the referee when the decisions did not go our way.

The result of the match was a 2 – 0 home win with the visitors looking pretty glum afterwards having travelled all the way down from Newcastle. The disappointment being magnified somewhat as Newcastle United was arguably the odds on favourites to beat Brighton. However, it is not always the case that the best team on paper wins the day.

The day itself was part of a Christmas present as someone had not been to a football match before and wanted to see what the fuss was all about. I think overall, she really enjoyed it.