If humans were designed for the ice, god would have made them bouncy“!

Nobody ever said that. But despite this we still think it’s a good idea, when you’re in your forties and without any practice, after many years, taking to the ice. A hard fall at this time in your life could leave you severely disabled.

This was of no concern to this brother an sister as they had seen on the telly a show called ‘Dancing on Ice’ and thought they might give it a go themselves this Christmas time.

The trick is to get going from the off and throw yourself into it. It’s much harder to balance, still, on the ice than it is to glide across it at speed. These two knew this and applied it to perfection.

Fighting through the pain of the hard plastic boots, they did the whole hour long slot. Very similar, and probably a little better than the Olympic gold medal winning routine of ‘Bolero’ from 1984 by Torvill and Dean, apart from a few ‘wibbles’ and ‘wobbles’ it was a perfect 10 and would not of looked out of place on the hit BBC programme ‘Dancing on Ice’.

At one point they drew quite a crowd, towards the middle of their routine when they really started to, as they put it, ‘give it some proper welly’!

It was clear to everyone that this was something special with some onlookers wiping tears from their eyes, as their emotions took hold, clearly overwhelmed by the majesty of the moment.

The whole thing concluded when a couple of children joined them to re-enact their world famous ‘Polar Express choo choo train’ special move which the pair had just made up on the spot, a few seconds earlier.