The Aristocrats are an instrumental rock fusion band made up of three very talented musicians; Bryan Bella on the bass, Guthrie Govan on the leccy guitar and Marco Minnemann on drums. Formed in 2011 the group name is inspired by the Aristocrats joke. They combine elements of dirty rock, folk, jazz and country to deliver a hefty portion of high energy instrumental fusion with an edge of aggressive, cheeky playfulness. It’s quite the spectacle.

Playing at the Islington Assembly Hall, London they blew the roof off the place with some classic tracks from previous albums and some new offerings from their fourth album, “You know what..!”. Some of our personal favorites from the new were “D Grade Fuck Movie Jam” described as a wild ride of loud aggressive guitar mayhem, a full-on blues-rock Hendrix-on-steroids affair, “Spanish Eddie”, which is a smorgasbord of tricky finger-picked chords with a high level of difficulty (especially for Guthrie) and “Last Orders” which is a simple yet sweet jam with some loud bits in the middle pebble dashed with some 70’s jazz fusion and finished off with an epic extended outro. These were some of our personal favorites, but all the tracks the band played were truly awesome. You can listen to the aforementioned tracks below, to give you the flavor.

The band is constantly on tour, so have at it and grab yourself a ticket to a gig. You definitely, will not regret it!