This day had finally come! This trip was supposed to happen in 2020 but was postponed due to COVID of course. A Christmas present to our most treasured 90 year old super nan, this break would hopefully do us all some good after being cooped up in lockdown for a while.

The boat collection point was Potter Heigham. The boat was a cruiser which can sleep 8 people, has 3 toilets a kitchen and a roof canopy that can be opened with a nice little seating area. We got to the boat yard right on time, around 2:30pm. The boat looked huge as you walked up to it. The thought of having to move it was very daunting at first, but after a brief intro and a test run with the instructor it was chocks away and we chugged down river.

We quaffed down river at a leisurely pace towards Ludham which gave us a bit of time to get used to the controls. Mooring up for the first time was made easier as we got some help from a chap on another boat. Once the boat was securely moored, it was time to relax with a nice cup of tea. The sun was getting lower in the sky but still felt warm on your face with the roof down. All in all, a pretty good first day.