We are truly blessed in this green and pleasant land of ours and are seldom far from a bit of countryside. Setting up a little tent, getting that BBQ going, kicking those shoes off and feeling the grass between your toes is nice; but only if the weather is good. If the weather is bad, then the whole camping idea can seem like a total waste of time. If you decide to go camping and the heavens open you can be put off forever. On this occasion, though it was a perfect, sunny bank holiday weekend in May and it was 27 degrees. We just so happened to have one of our correspondents over at Chilley Farm doing a food review for their farm shop butchery so we popped over to the campsite. The site was a good size with lots of tents and vehicles about and in one corner was what looked like half a car with a tent attached to the front of it. We went over to see what it was and met a lovely young couple who were out camping with their niece in Tilly the Teardrop Trailer. Having never seen anything like this before we asked them for an interview, and this is what they said.

“We had won the one night stay after entering a competition at a wedding fair. We’re getting married next year so we have been to a few and thought well, why not enter, you never know. And smack me down with a wet fish and call me Susan, we won the top prize. A night in Tilly.

This was the first time camping for our little niece and she loved it. Tilly was all set up when we arrived and came with everything you need. Washing up bowl (with a little bit of Fairy), Tea bag, a kettle (including milk in a coolbox), a little table and chairs, fold up chairs, rugs, pillows and even a spare set of AA batteries, just in case you needed them, can you believe that!

We brought along our own BBQ and got some burgers and sausages from the farm shop onsite, and cooked them up for our lunch.

From the outside, Tilly looks tiny but when you get in it feels quite spacious. It has a 6ft bed, lovely soft pillows, curtains and some fairy lights. Feels nice and cosy. We did manage to get all three of us in there at one point but it was a bit of a squeeze.

It’s perfect for two people”.

The next day we were interested in hearing how it was for the little first-time camper so we asked her for an interview. The full interview can be read on the next page.