What happens when you take a nightclub and plop some bingo in the middle. You get Buzz Bingo.

Tickets are well priced at £12.00 and when you get in the drinks are reasonably priced too. 3 Jager Bombs for £10 (and its table service) 😆

The night is packed full of classic sing a long tracks, classics like Living on a Prayer, YMCA, Dancing Queen, Wannabe and the like. The music is loud, strobe lights all over the stage and there is a member of staff dressed up as a hotdog, walking around offering up warm canned sausages in bread rolls for £7. Not for me thank you. But when you have had a few hundred Jager Bombs I am sure it seems rather more appealing. We were there for our first experience, to see what we may (or may not be) missing out on.

The Bingo hall is massive and is half empty, the other half are screaming women. The hall is buzzing when we arrive and we are handed a few bingo games and we find a seat.

There is lovely young women selling hand made, LED head wreaths for a fiver a go. We decide that we are in for a bit of that and switch it to the strobe setting. Now we are feeling part of the night.

After about an hour of raving and drinking the MC hits the stage. The MC is is pretty good and has a mouth like a dustbin and everyone loves it.

The first game is announced, the music dies down and its all up for grabs. We are looking for single line (not the white stuff says the MC) and the prize is a Tamagotchi digital pet keyring.

We play for a while, with the MC calling out the numbers and sure enough, after a few minutes there is a shout from someone far in the distance, in the dark. BINGO!!

The MC calls her up and checks her numbers. She has got it wrong. We are then all encouraged to shout ‘Dickhead’ and point to her as she shuffles off back to her seat and we continue.

The next game is for a couple of lines and the prize is a Lilo. The numbers are called and when the number can be related to a song, the song plays and we all get down the front and have a jolly good rave up, and the bingo continues.

The final game is played, full house this time and the main prize is a life-size cardboard cut out of guy who invented MySpace, Mr Tom Anderson. Just what everyone needs.

With two more games to play, we collected our things and left. We went to a pub in town for a pint.