Following on from their first big announcement earlier this year these celebrity pair have finally set the date of their big day. After seeing a dozen different venues they have taken the plunge and popped a deposit down on a beautiful hotel in a romantic setting in East Sussex.

Finding a place to get married is not so straight forward, as these two will tell you. Do you go for a barn type deal where you have to do everything yourself and pay a little less or the hotel option where they will roll out the red carpet if you pay the premium price? Whichever option you decide upon, the end result is the same.

We looked at a dozen venues of all different types to try and get a feel for what we wanted, and of course to compare prices. The hotel option was never really a consideration for us, even though there are many to choose from in Eastbourne. We decided pretty quickly that we wanted a relaxed, countryside vibe for our special day and we are lucky enough to have that option down here in East Sussex.

There is one thing that you cannot control your wedding and is a big factor when you want an outdoorsy wedding, and that’s the weather. If it’s sunny then great, not much to worry about but what if it’s raining? What if storm Doris decides to pay you a visit? You need to have some cover in the event of the weather being bad, likewise, if the weather on the day is kind, you want to have a nice outside space to roam around which would also make those all-important wedding photo’s extra special.

We did not see many venues that made us smile, but we did find one that suited and we are super excited about it.

So when is the big day? Where is the wedding? How long have you got to burn off those excess inches and find your perfect outfit? All the details can be found on their wedding website. Why not check it out!