Zip Wires, Tarzan Swings, Rope Ladders and a variety of obstacles and crossings there is something for everyone on a day out at Go Ape!

Started off with a health and safety course which lasted about half an hour, then it was onto the course. It took these wildlings about 3 hours to get around the whole thing. A little daunting at first, climbing up those long ladders and looking down on the people walking around. Stepping out for the first time onto a wobbly platform between trees, you take a deep breath with thoughts of the harness failing on you or falling off a platform to splat on the floor. But there is nothing to worry about as long as you follow the training and keep yourself attached at all times. After the initial fears are gone it’s great fun, with a few challenges along the way and it’s also a bit of workout.

A bit pricey we thought at £33.00 quid each (for the full course), but for a one off day out, swinging around the trees like monkeys, the Bashington Post can only give this a thumbs up!