Stanmer House is a rather spiffing (what!) and quite expensive country house situated within the Sussex countryside just round the corner from the Amex stadium in Falmer. The house itself is beautiful and is surrounded by woodland and meadows as far as the eye can see. Great for a Sunday walk and if you have a few quid you could splash out on a BBQ (£10 for a burger, £8 for a hotdog) or Sunday Roast (£20) in the grounds.

These two explorers stumbled upon the house whilst looking for somewhere to hang up their new hammock whilst out for their Sunday stroll. It was fairly busy when they arrived with gazebos out front and live music in the gardens and kids running around all over the place. Far too much commotion for a Sunday so they headed off, up into the woods to find somewhere a bit quieter.

Armed with their hammock, tree straps and whoopee-slings they found the perfect spot to catch a few zzzz’s. Perfect way to spend a muggy Sunday afternoon (what!)