What is Love?

For centuries this simple, three letter question has caused an addle through society. Many of our past, present and future men and women will ultimately be faced with the misfortune of the Obscure answer to this simple yet so incredibly complex question. There are no answers, just opinions. No facts, just thoughts.

I have read many books about love, however not enough to put an end to my ravage thirst for an answer; what is love? From Shakespeare to Austin, both proving whilst denying that love is the centre of the book and the character’s perspective, consequently the readers as they venture into the vast void of literature. From the time of man’s creation, we have learnt and evolved. But this question defies the beliefs of science and therefore beyond our knowledge. As we travelled to present times this answer has slipped through the thin threads of our comprehension. For this we are not at fault for love is the calm and the troubled. The broad and narrow. It is everything but nothing. The end and the beginning. The hot and the cold. Love is all thing wrong and right. For this love will forever remain our unsolved mystery, because how can we grasp such a paradoxical phenomenon.