It’s always nice to receive correspondence from our regular readers and its been some time since we have heard from this lovely couple who are now married!

Autumn is such a beautiful time of year in the UK. With the sun lower in the sky and with mother nature winding down, all those summer greens now turn to yellows, reds and browns. The woodlands cast some elongated shadows giving the forestry and eerie feeling making the comfort of the warm summer seem like a world away. We are blessed in this green and pleasant land of ours with oodles of woodland walks, cosy country pubs and open spaces there is always somewhere else to explore, with ever more delightful things to see at this time of year.

The pictures below were captured on a mild day in early November in Abbots Wood near Polegate. An ancient wood consisting of birch, hornbeam and oak trees, ground flora such as bramble, honeysuckle, bluebell and wood sage in the summer months, plus conifer species such as Corsican pine and Douglas firs. Although damaged heavily in the Great Storm of 1987, several native species have been re-planted, including the mighty oak and now the whole wood is back to its best and is teeming with wildlife.

The perfect place for a Sunday stroll, in the fresh, autumnal sunshine.