What could be better during some time off of work than a spa break in the beautiful and historic of Bath.

Accommodation in Bath is expensive so booking yourself a room just outside the city centre can save you a few quid. There are a few options but from our experience we can recommend Bailbrook House in Bathampton. It comes recommended because it has ample (free) parking, the beds are super comfy, the breakfast (if you have the bed ‘n’ breakfast option) is top notch and the city centre is a 10 minutes bus ride (or river taxi) away.

The river taxi can be picked from the Bathampton Mill which is just over the road from the Bailbrook Hotel.

In the centre of Bath is the Thermae Spa, recently refurbished, the spa is a fusion of glass, stone, light and water which creates a special setting in which to enjoy the naturally warm, mineral rich waters. Even on a weekday in the summer months this place can get busy and far from the relaxing experience you might think you would get from such a place, it can feel a bit like a tourist attraction. Loads of people all chatting away in the steam rooms, it has a kind of coffee shop feel to it. If you are looking for relaxation, go in the winter.

Bath itself is quite small but has a lot of character with lots of shops and places to eat. A couple of days will be enough if you want to have a look around this beautiful city.